Panda charm, animal totem

The Panda is a symbol of gentleness and strength, of power and wisdom. As an animal totem, it will, like the bear, provide a powerful support for those who need courage and steadiness.

This handmade charm is part of my animal totem series.

Size: approx. 3.4x4.5 cm or 1.4x1.8 inches.

EUR 8.00

  • Materials: Shrink plastic, Non toxic varnish, Phone strap, Optional dust plug.
  • Details: The design is on both sides and is coated with a glossy non toxic varnish making colors water resistant. But the charm itself is not waterproof.
  • Option: The added dust plug will let you plug it to your smartphone, or your 3DS for example.
  • Note: This is completely handmade, so please allow for some slight imperfections and differences from the photos. Each piece is unique.

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